This is how it works

  1. You need to receive invite from your online panel or a research company.
  2. Add My Databank in your mobile phone and/or computer browser when you receive an invite from a research project.
  3. You decide and control what research projects you want to participate in and which ones you do not.
  4. My Databank stores your online actions related to a research topic and delivers it to the project.
  5. You get your incentives from the research company at the end of the project.

These are the benefits of My Databank

You help to improve online services and products to better meet yours and other consumers’ needs. The knowledge research project gain from your anonymous data help to improve products and services.

You decide and control which research projects have access to your data. When a new research project request your participation you can either accept or decline.

You will earn points or other benefits from projects when you participate in surveys with your data. How much you will earn depends on a number of factors such as how many research projects are interested in your data and how many surveys you decide to partake in. However, we estimate that you should earn 1 – 10 euros per research project or survey.

How to begin using My Databank

My Databank app is invite only. You need to receive an invite from a research project before you can partake and start receiving incentives..

When you received an invite, all you do is add My Databank to your mobile device and/or desktop browser.

Using My Databank is a fun, easy and profitable way to earn money by trading your data.

Do you need help?

If you are experiencing some problems with My Databank then please go to our support pages.