Have you ever been thinking how great it would be to send survey questions to respondents just on time. For example when s/he search the product in Google or visits a product page in Amazon. Respondent would remember better what s/he was doing and why. Now this is possible by using My Databank app in your research project.

What is My Databank App?

My Databank app tracks respondents online actions related on research topic. Respondent installs the app, joins new research project and starts sending data when s/he does something related to the research topic. Respondent gets back incentive and research project gets behaviour data.

How to Trigger Surveys?

Research team can decide what online actions they want to track. These online actions can be a visit on specific site (amazon.com), keywords of Google search (mackbook pro), video watching on Youtube or whatever they want. When My Databank matches one of these actions in respondent’s mobile phone or desktop browser, it sends the user’s FID and URL of founded match to the research team. This way research team can email right survey to the right respondents just on time.

What Are the 123 Steps?

  1. Research team defines a list of online actions which it wants to trigger, e.g. list of URLs, hostnames or keywords of Google search.
  2. It creates own survey for each online action group it wants to trigger.
  3. It invites respondents by email and asks questions as usual
  4. It asks respondents to join the research project in My Databank app when they are qualified.
  5. My Databank delivers every day all matches of online action groups including each respondent’s ID.
  6. Research team sends correct survey to reported respondents in each groups.

This way respondents will receive survey invites when their behaviour matches defined online actions. This means that research project gets more accurate data as well.

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