Have you ever been thinking how respondents filling in your poll can remember what happened one or two weeks ago? Actually they don’t remember. They just fill in “wanna be” answers and try to do their best.

How does this effect your data quality?

This concerns research teams in regards to the quality of response data. They have developed many smart methods to keep data quality as high as possible. However, it is hard to beat the effect of time delays and respondents’ memory curve. The bottom line is that even one or two days time delay in filling out a poll will significantly reduce the data quality.

Could we ask questions instantly?

The simplest solution to this challenge could be “Instant Polls”. It means that respondent fill in a quick poll right after s/he has done an activity related to the research topic. This sounds like a very simple solution but in reality it is very difficult to execute.

Really, how can we ask questions right after when the user has done something we want to study? It is just not possible. Or is it possible in some types of studies e.g. Internet related studies?

How to send “Instant Polls”?

These type of polls requires that your respondents install e.g. My Databank or similar app when they participate in your research project.

Example: Trigger “JInstant Poll” when a respondent reads an article about BMW.

My Databank app can trigger “Instant Polls” when the respondent performs an action related to the research topic. This action could be e.g. reading an article about cars, purchasing a product in an online store or searching for a specific product on Google. If My Databank app detects any of these actions, It triggers a notification message for a new “Instant Poll” to the respondent. This way the respondent will fill out the quick polls when s/he still remembers what and why s/he was doing.

“Instant Poll” delivers more accurate and homogeneous data by solving the problem of respondents’ memory curve.

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Mika Wenell, CEO, Webmie Oy

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