Are you a research company or panel owner?

Do you use polls to get data from respondents?

Would you like to buy their behaviour data as well?

Now you can do it with My Databank Service.

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Track in Mobile, Tablet & Computer

Respondents can trade their online actions with you from mobile devices and desktop browsers.

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Track All Sites & Apps

Tracking covers all web sites and apps without the use of analytics tags. E.g. Google search or sites and apps of your customer’s competitors.

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Track Your Own Respondents

Invite your poll respondents as usual and link them to use My Databank during the project. My Databank is compatible with all online panels and survey tools.

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Track Respondents’ Internet Journeys

Enhance your traditional response data with data from true Internet journeys. It gives you a true insight into each respondent’s behaviour in Internet.

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Trigger “Instant Polls”

The accuracy of poll responses is much better when My Databank triggers your “Instant Poll” close to the moment of the online action which is related to the “why?” question.

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GDPR Compliance

My Databank keeps users’ data anonymous and is not under GDPR regulation by itself. However, My Databank data must be handled as any other of research project’s data sources related to GDPR.

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As a summary My Databank enhances research project’s data sources with online behaviour data of respondents. Respondents install My Databank mobile app or desktop browser extension. It tracks their detailed online actions related to the research topic. Tracking can be done on all web sites without the need of any measurement tags. Research project receives data into SFTP or cloud server every day. Respondents have a shared ID which connect all of their data from different sources. Merge with ease other respondent data. The Research company administer incentives to respondents.


  1. Win big international clients by using new kind of behaviour data in your projects.
  2. Increase the quality of response data by tracking and triggering “Instant Polls”.
  3. Build new services and products with behaviour data as e.g. online market share tracking, competitor analysis, conversion funnel analysis on competitor sites, online purchases tracking, consumption of research topic related content, keywords from Google search…

How it works

  1. Invite respondents as usual, e.g. buy contacts from online panels, recruit on customer’s homepage or invite in your own panel.
  2. Redirect qualified respondents to installation page where they install My Databank.
  3. Respondents accept a deal of data tracking related to your research topic.
  4. My Databank tracks and delivers each respondent’s data into research project’s server.
  5. Pay incentives when the tracking is over.

How to Use My Databank in Your Research Projects

This is a good reason to have a video call. We should innovate following issues together:

  1. How you could use My Databank in your research projects.
  2. What kind of new research products you could propose to your customers.
  3. How we can help you to win new big international clients.

We definitely should have this call.

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