Measures in Mobile, Tablet & Computer

Respondents can share their online actions’ from Android and iOS devices as well as from Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers. Shared data comes from actual online actions and behaviour giving you a true insight into product and service usage both on your own and competitor plattforms.

Delivers Data about Online Actions

My Databank delivers accurate data from their online actions related to your research topic. Time spent, engagement, conversions and so much more on both your own and competitor products and services.

Works with All Online Surveys and Panels

My Databank is compatible with all survey tools. Now you can enhance your traditional response data with data from true online actions.

My Databank enhances survey data with actual online actions from respondents. Respondents install My Databank mobile app or desktop browser extension which tracks their detailed online actions, without the need of any measurement tags. Clients receive daily data into SFTP or cloud server as csv files. Respondents have a unique FID which connect all of their data from different sources. Merge with ease other respondent data. The Research company administer incentives to respondents.


  1. Enhance response data with respondents’ online action data. Observational data showing actual behavior..
  2. Trigger more surveys based on behaviour, e.g. visits to a product page or purchase of a product.
  3. Create your own survey portal that aids in the data collection by providing e.g. online surveys, tasks to do, chat about research topic, earned points and automatic installation of My Databank tracking.

How it works

  1. Invite respondents as usual from your population sources.
  2. Build your sample with your qualification survey as usual.
  3. Redirect qualified respondents to installation page. The installation page link includes an unique FID (respondent’s ID) as GET parameter. The FID is used to merge user’s My Databank data and user’s other other data together. Notice: FID is any unique string and it is coming from your system.
  4. When user has joined your project in My databank, s/he is redirected to your “thank you” page or “post survey” link.
  5. My Databank delivers every day online action data of each respondents (FID) to your SFTP server.

Price List

Data source/respondent Price Unit
Mobile 0.75 € / Week
Desktop 0.44 € / Week
Mobile and desktop 0.88 € / Week
  1. Minimum price per project is 5 000 €.
  2. Total price based on actual data usage.
  3. Incentives are not included in the price list.
  4. Calculate My Databank Cost with Cost Calculator.

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