Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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My Databank is an app developed for research companies and respondents. It is used to do following things:

  1. Make data tracking deals between research project and it’s respondents.
  2. Make respondents’ contribution in research projects to be as easy as possible by automating data collecting.
  3. Get more accurate data by using online tracking as well as “instant Polls” when respondents still remember what they have done and why.

The only purpose of My Databank is to track and help you trade data of your online actions with research companies. This means that the research company, not My Databank, will do everything else directly with you as e.g. online polls, interviews and incentive payments.

My Databank is used in invite only projects. This means that you can join these projects only if you have received a personal invite from a research company as e.g. by email. You click invite link, install My Databank and accept the research project deal in it.

It depends from many issues:

  1. How many research projects will invite you.
  2. How many projects you decide to participate.
  3. How much each project will incentivise you.

Usually one project will incentivise you 1 - 15 euros. The project may include online surveys and chat sessions related to the research topic. You always get be provided with details of the project and the incentives available before you join a new project.

Open My Databank app and go to My Databank settings in menu. The app should detect if your Internet connection is not working and give you instructions how to fix it.

Learn more what to do if My Databank VPN is not working in your WiFi.

If you have stopped your tracking deal with a research project in your mobile app or desktop browser extension, you need to restart it again as follows:

  1. Open My Databank app
  2. Find correct project in project list
  3. Click “restart project” and accept tracking deal

You control what tracking deals you accept. This means that, in order for tracking to start, you will need to view and accept a tracking deal with a research company. If you do not accept the deal, there will be no tracking and no use of your data.

The research company or panel will pay your incentives, not My Databank. The deal is between you and the research company.

  1. Install My Databank app and/or browser extension.
  2. Accept the research project deal in My Databank.
  3. Use Internet as usual.
  4. Contribute in the research project polls and other activities as you have accepted in the project deal.
  5. Claim your incentives from the research company when project is over.

Before you stop tracking, it is good to remember that this will cancel your incentive. Instead of stopping you could pause for a short time.

The recommended way is to cancel your deal with the research project with the following steps:

  1. Open My Databank by clicking My Databank icon.
  2. Find the research project name you want to stop.
  3. Click trash icon or terminate link below of the project name.
  4. Confirm you want to cancel the deal.
  5. Verify that the status of the project changed to cancelled or ended.

Another way to stop tracking is to remove My Databank app in your mobile device or extension in your desktop browser.

Tracked data will be deleted automatically in My Databank server after the project is over. Please, notice that the research company may have different data policies how long time they store their data.

If you want to delete your data before automatic deleting is done, you may contact our support and ask us to do it.

My Databank tracks online actions which are related to the topic of the research project. You accept the tracking topic when you make a deal in My Databank with the research company.

Tracking starts and ends automatically when the project starts and ends. Tracking collects only data which is related to the research topic. FIltering what to track is done by using white lists of websites and keywords in web pages and their URLs.

The data includes different things in different kind of research projects. It may contain e.g. URLs of visited pages, instances where a whitelisted keyword is contained within a web page, what products in research topic you have looked at / purchased or keywords within an internet search.

Only the filtered and research topic related data is stored in My Databank server. It is pre-processed and transferred to research company’s server if you accept the tracking deal. Data tracked in European Union is also stored in European Union. Data transfer is done by using secure HTTPS connections.


Ask Question from My Databank Support:

Contact My Databank support if you have an issue with a research project (research maker), new ideas how to improve My Databank, any technical problems with My Databank app or desktop browser extension.