Registry Owner

Webmie Oy, Business ID 2315197-9, Address Louhentie 1 G 22, 02130 Espoo

Registry Responsible Person

Mika Wenell, Tel. +358 40 1737 211, E-mail, Address Louhentie 1 G 22, 02130 Espoo

Name of Registry web site registry

Purpose of Registry

  • To facilitate the relationship and exchange of information between the visitor and Webmie.
  • To facilitate an investigation in case of a misconduct between the visitor and Webmie.

Content of Registry

Site page load time stamp, anonymous ID, page address (URL), technical info related to the page load, and the refering URL.

Data Sources

  • Data is collected in a web server log file.
  • Data is collected in Google Analytics.

Data Retention Period

  • Web server log files are retained for 90 (ninety) days.
  • Google Analytics retains the data for the time being.

Data Hand Over

Data is not handed over to third parties; an exception to this can occur only in case Webmie is legally obliged to hand over data to an authority.

Data Hand Over Outside the EEA

Data is handled inside the EEA and country where it is collected.

Data Protection Principles

Every Webmie Oy employee handling the registry has personal credentials (username, password, access level) granted by the registry owner. Registry usage is monitored, and every login event is logged in a log file. Access to the registry is granted only to Webmie employees who need the access to conduct their job duties.